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Get your horoscope today, for September 22nd, 2021

Get organized! The energies brought by this Mercury-Jupiter Trine are perfect for clarity of thought and for streamlining your personal or business practices. Eliminate the clutter, both literally and metaphorically, so that you can steam ahead without hindrance. All signs should try to think through their actions carefully today. The day belongs to those who can resist impulsive urges for the sake of longer term stability.

aries zodiac sign Aries Horoscope

Today you should be a little selfish and put yourself first, do not be unkind, but do not get involved in others issues either.

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taurus zodiac sign Taurus Horoscope

When your hard work pays off today and you are recognised, celebrate with those who have supported you.

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gemini zodiac sign Gemini Horoscope

Use your strong sense of justice today to help others, but make sure you understand the situation.

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cancer zodiac sign Cancer Horoscope

Use the energy in your house today to find your inner financial genius, you can be financially successful.

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leo zodiac sign Leo Horoscope

Though you are good at helping others be organised you have enough to deal with in your own life right now.

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virgo zodiac sign Virgo Horoscope

You are the best person to guide your money and your income opportunities today, stay positive.

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libra zodiac sign Libra Horoscope

The first part of the day you will be dealing with issues at work that are frustrating, but be patient as good news is coming.

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scorpio zodiac sign Scorpio Horoscope

Be yourself and stir things up today, those who are with you are your allies, others will be left behind.

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sagittarius zodiac sign Sagittarius Horoscope

When your restless energy makes you curious today you will have a lot of new ideas, talk them over with someone you trust.

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capricorn zodiac sign Capricorn Horoscope

Something you have been working on has to pause today and you will be frustrated, but it's for the best.

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aquarius zodiac sign Aquarius Horoscope

When you are tempted to poke fun at others who are not as able as you at something, think twice.

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pisces zodiac sign Pisces Horoscope

Do not be afraid to be brutally honest in your relationship today, then you can move forward openly.

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